FCC Employment Training Program

FCC Employment Services supports the member’s purpose through job training skills. Members will have opportunities to build their job training skills through hands-on classroom and community learning experiences. While growing in knowledge members will learn to work within their community. They will contribute directly to the community by participating in group and individual work projects.

Support for Employment by Service:

  • Transition to Employment  (TTE) through the development of job skills through a hands-on learning experience and in a classroom setting. Members will learn the skills necessary to be successful in future jobs out in the community.
  • Group Supported Employment (GSE) by performing purposeful work together alongside others to complete jobs that help the community.
  • Employment Support Coaching (ESA) will assist members at their place of work by providing a job coach thus promoting positive work behaviors.
  • Individual Supported Employment (ISE) will assist the member looking for employment by job searching together and coaching through areas of growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

​I'm not sure I want to work, can I still participate?

​Yes, we have a program that will teach you all about the workforce and the skills needed to succeed in the workplace. You are not required to get a job to participate in the transition to employment curriculum.

If I get a job can I have a job coach?

Yes, it is possible to have a job coach which will mentor you onsite with your job duties.

​I want a job but don't know what type of job I want?

​Vocational training will include job assessments that will help determine what type of job you may enjoy.

​Can I go to the Day Program and also do Vocational Training?

Yes, FCC offers our Day Program and Vocational Training in the same facility. Members can participate in both services in the same day!

​I receive SSI can I still work?

​Yes! We can help report any pay received through employment to social security. Please contact our Vocational Trainer for more information pam@azfcc.org.

Vocational Worksites

A New Day Vocational

9250 N 43rd Ave Suite 8
Glendale, AZ., 85304
Phone: 623-776-9351
​Website: anewdayvocational.org

Hair by Joni

9250 N 43rd Ave. Suite 3
Glendale, AZ 85302
Phone: 623-939-3000
​Website: hairbyjoni.com