Family Care Connections currently has licensed residential group homes in the West Valley Area. We offer comfortable, family-oriented homes with up to 3-4 people per home. All homes have 24-hour, 7 day a week quality care and provide a safe and healthy environment. We provide transportation. Homes are staffed with quality care providers who genuinely care about the people they serve. Members are placed based on age, gender, level of care as well as similar likes and dislikes.

Members will receive assistance with

  • medical and behavioral health appointments
  • prescription refills
  • treatment plans
  • nutritional diet requirements
  • transportation for community involvement
  • assistance with personal care
  • support with emergency situations
  • Independent living skills

What Makes us Different?

Our group homes go above and beyond providing a safe place to live. At FCC we encourage healthy and meaningful relationships. We support our member’s interests and encourage them to take ownership of their lives. We take the time to get to know each person’s cultural background and choices, personal needs, and unique characteristics. We strive to make all homes personal to the people we serve.

Skills that can be gained through our group homes are:

  • coping skills
  • social skills
  • cognitive skills
  • motor skills
  • communication skills
  • Hygiene skills
  • cooking and housekeeping skills
  • accessing the community skills

For Group Home information

Call Patricia Suastegui at 623-776-9351 option 2