What Sets Us Apart

Family Care Connections was established in 2014 but our combined years of experience total over 40 years. Because of this experience, FCC values quality of care and continuously seeking for better ways to serve the families and members we have been entrusted to care for.

What makes Family Care Connections unique? We give back to the community and to the people we serve. Through special recognition programs, thank-you passes or tickets, and acknowledgement of birthdays, and holidays of importance, FCC is striving to go above and beyond in appreciating our members and our support staff who care for them. We also support local business owners within our community by utilizing merchant’s goods and services as the awards for our members and FCC staff. In conjunction with its non-profit affiliate, A New Day, FCC is able to provide further employment training and related outreach services to its client members.

How We Help

Within the Family Care Connections family and the experts who serve our members, we have an advocacy specialist who is available to work directly for and on behalf of the members while navigating the complexity of the DDD system, whether it be matters of assessment appeals, guardianship, or benefits, we strive to do what is best and fair for all parties involved.

FCC volunteers also work with members in creating goals and strategies and have an interactive system that can make tracking habilitation progress easy. Our system also allows parent(s)/guardian(s) to access their loved ones available hours along with hours that have been utilized. FCC recognizes that the care of one’s loved one can be time consuming and taxing, so we exhaust every avenue so as to make the process as easy as possible.

Our Care Providers

Family Care Connections cares about your family and desires to provide you with the BEST service.  We make the treatment of your loved one our number one priority!  As we look to employ care providers, we diligently seek out individuals who possess qualities of compassion, integrity, and the desire to learn and take on new challenges.

Our care providers come to us in all ages, experiences, and backgrounds.  Due to the nature of having flexible, part-time hours, a significant number of those interested in caregiving are college-aged students as well as retired individuals.  The experience each care provider brings is just as vast as their ages.  From an individual new to the field to someone with decades of experience.

What is consistent though, is the compassion and desire to serve the community of those with special needs that each provider brings.  This nurturing attitude spans all ages and experiences of our care professionals, which is, to offer quality care, respect, and kindness towards you and your family member.

All FCC Care Providers are trained in:

·         First Aid/CPR

·         Blood borne pathogens

·         Article 9

·         Overview of developmental disabilities

·         Defensive driving (if applicable)

·         Agency orientation/policies and procedures

·         6 hours of cont. education

·         Additional training may be required based on the member’s needs.

·         Medication administration

·         Seizure management

·         Habilitation implementation

·         Direct care workers training

·         Prevention and support

·         ABA training

In addition, all care providers are 18 years of age or older and must be 21 years of age to drive a member in their vehicle.

Every care provider must also pass an extensive background check which is run through each of the following agencies:


o   Medicare /Medicaid Fraud check

o   SAM (sexual molestation check) and a

o   Level 1 Clearance Card Check.